5 Quick Ways To Tidy Up From Professional Cleaners

5 Quick Ways To Tidy Up From Professional Cleaners

Tidying up can be a huge chore, but when you know the best methods it can become quick and easy. A Chicago cleaning services company, Happy Maids, has offered the following tips on how to clean and tidy up like a pro.

Quick Cleaning Tip 1: Have the Best Equipment and Cleansers

To clean a room faster, make sure to invest in the best cleansers and equipment. Have a vacuum cleaner with an excellent dust filtering system. Use absorbable fabric cloths or paper towels to scrub surfaces. Use a multipurpose cleanser so that you can sanitize a room’s doorknobs and countertops without needing to switch to a different product.

Quick Cleaning Tip 2: Remove Trash and Clutter First

Rather than trying to remove clutter and trash while you are mopping floors or sanitizing countertops, begin by removing these items first. Carry a trash bag from space to space to throw away old papers and other disposable items. Next, pick up items such as toys or office supplies to have floors and desktops that are easy to dust or vacuum.

Quick Cleaning Tip 3: Start In the Far Corner of a Room

Instead of starting the cleaning process at the doorway of a room or building, begin cleaning in the far corner. With this method, you won’t need to sanitize the surfaces near the doorway as you mop a floor, dust the furniture or vacuum the carpets. As you walk into a building or room to clean it, notice the dirtiest areas as you progress to the far corner so that you can plan how to clean each section.

Quick Cleaning Tip 4: Clean a Room From Top to Bottom

Household dust tends to filter downward, so begin cleaning an office or room by starting at the top. Use a long-handled dust wand to clean the debris from ceiling fans, window frames or light fixtures. Next, wash the windowpanes and the window blinds. Dust the top of bookshelves first before removing the debris from the bottom shelves. Last, vacuum the carpets, or mop the floors.

Quick Cleaning Tip 5: Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

If you have a regular cleaning schedule, then your business or home won’t become unkempt. Most property owners can maintain a building’s cleanliness by cleaning once a week when they understand the right methods.