Three Fun Outdoor Games for the Entire Family

Three Fun Outdoor Games for the Entire Family

It is officially summer, and it is a perfect time to get outside as a family and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Outdoor games are a fun, easy way to entertain everyone in the household. This article will go over three outdoor games the whole family can play and enjoy together.

Bocce Ball

You can play bocce ball with up to eight people per game. You play on teams of one, two, or four people each. You get a set number of balls depending on how many people are on a team. A team with one person gets four, a team of two gets two each, and a team of four gets one ball each.

When you configure your game, you set up a center line. Then you set a four and ten-foot line on each side of the center line. You start by tossing a jack, and the aim is to get the jack over the center line, but not over the four-foot line on the opposite side. Once the jack has been thrown, the teams take turns throwing the bocce ball. You want your ball to be as close to the jack as possible. Whoever has their ball closest to the jack after everyone has had a turn wins a point. The first team to get twelve points wins.

Bean Bag Toss

This game is played by teams, and you can play with up to eight people. You get two platforms and set them as far apart as you want. Each team gets a different color bean bag, and you take turns throwing them at the other team's platform. If you get your bean bag into the hole, it's worth three points. If your bean bag stays on the platform but doesn't go into the hole, it's worth one point. The first team to 21 points wins.

Ladder Ball

You can play ladder ball with up to four people. You set up your ladder, and both teams get one bola. Start by standing 15 feet away from the ladder and toss the bola toward it. You want to get your bola wrapped around any of the three rungs on the ladder. The bottom rung is worth one point, the middle rung is worth two points, and the top rung is worth three points. You throw three bolas each turn, and the first teams to get to 21 points wins.

These outdoor games are a perfect bonding experience for the entire family. You can play with a variety of players, and every skill level will be able to play with ease.